31st July 2017

Join Pete Revell, our newest presenter, for an hour of  Hits & Headlines  from two different years. The big question however will be  "What are those years?"

Pete can be heard on Swinging Radio England with his  Hits & Headlines show at the following times -  Tuesdays at Midnight, Wednesdays at 2.00pm, Saturdays at 7.00am and Sundays at 2.00am (UK tme)

Pete Revell
30th July 2017  (updated 31st July)

The old flash-based XAT chatroom has now been replaced
by the new java-based Chatzy chatroom.

In partnership with our sister station, Radio NorthSea International, the new chatroom will jointly serve both stations.

This decision has been taken partly on economic grounds, since most of the time RNI only needs chat facilities once a week, on Sundays - and of course there are no "live shows" from SRE on Sundays.  A full function "premium" grade chatroom is quite an expensive thing to provide, and in RNI's case, using it just once a week would not, in any way be cost-effective.  It's also a lot easier to administrate and maintain just one platform.

If you use bookmarks or favourites, please update them to reflect this. Your old bookmarks will now take you to a dead-end, or at the very least, if it works at all, an empty dissued room, that has now been abandoned.

In recent times, it became apparent that more and more people were having difficulties getting into the old chatroom.

We began looking at the reasons behind this, and what we might need to do to overcome this problem.  Our research led us to the obvious conclusion that nowadays, more and more people are using new hi-tech devices such as smartfones and tablets, rather than conventional laptops or desktops. These new devices, by default, reject the 25 year old technology employed by the XAT chatroom.

This is also true of Apple devices, which have been leading the way in this, and more increasingly, Windows 10 devices.   

It is our understanding that the new chatroom will work on any device, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet  SmartFone or SmartTV, regardless of brand, operating system, or type of device. Whether or not you have Flash installed.

So, have fun, explore and enjoy the features, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

25th July 2017 (Updated from 21st & 24th July)

We have been trialling two altenative chatroom platforms, Chatzy and ChatCave.

Chatzy is a java-based chatoom, it does NOT use Flash.  So the chances are that it should work on Apple and Android based devices, as well as on Windows-based computers, including Windows 10.  There are some nice features you can play about with, such as changing its' visual appearence. (Skins)

Chat Cave is a PHP based chatroom platform.  However in trials we have discovered that it does make use of Flash for some of its' funtionality.  It also appears to work to some extent on most devices.  Since we are anxious to get away from Flash, it now looks likely that it will be ruled out, as a viable alternative.

Early indications would suggest that Chatzy is probably the one we will will go for.

Both have emojis, Smiley  but at the moment, unless and until we buy a "premium" version, there is no private message feature, and only a limited number of users are allowed in, at any given time.  Sorry about that.

Our thanks to those who have given them both a try so far. If you haven't yet tried, please do so, particularly during "live broadcasts", and let us know how it works out for you.

If one of these platforms suits our needs, and IF we can afford it,  we will buy the full version

You can access the new chat room from the Test Chat button on the home page, as shown below.
There is no need to close the existing XAT chat room to do this.  You will however, need to enter your usual user nick before entering.

 Test image

Why the change ?

We have to do something.  The writing is on the wall.  Flash has all but reached the end of the road.

Flash has it's roots in technology first developed by the Macromedia company, way back in 1992.  
At the time, it coincided with the launch of Microsofts' latest offering, Windows 3.1.    

That was over twenty-five years ago

Modern technology is rapidly overtaking old and vunerable applications, regardless of the platform.
Apple and the Android platforms lead the way already, by effectively blocking Flash on their devices.

Even Adobe, the company responsible for it now, admit that Flash has had its' day, and should be allowed to die.  They continue to patch it up, out of a moral obligation to the millions of users worldwide.  But there will never be a "NEW" flash, only more "sticking plasters", in an effort to cover the many holes that keep appearing in it.

The eventual complete demise of Flash, looks more and more inevitable, and draws closer with every day that passes.

So that's why, if we are to continue to offer a chatroom that works in the twenty-first century across a wide range of devices, we have to move on.  We can only apologise for the difficulties you may have already experienced, and for the fact that you will now have to get to know, and find your way around in a new chatroom.

But there really is no alternative, we have to move with the times.

Thanks for your help, patience and understanding.

19th July 2017

Several chatroom users have been telling us of their difficulties in getting into the SRE chat lately. The odd thing is that some users are telling us they are able to get into the chatroom of our sister station RNI without any problem.

This is really hard to understand, since they are essentially one and the same thing, except in how they are named and configured.  Nevertheless, we apologise to those affected, for the inconvenience.

In an effort to better understand the problem, and perhaps get closer to being able to offer a more permanent solution, the RNI Chatroom will be used by both stations for the time being.

Please continue to use either chat entry point as normal, and if you have any difficulties - please let us know.

18th July 2017

We are very pleased to welcome Dave Nicholas back on air, this evening, after a five week period of sick leave.  Our thanks to all who have "sat in" for Dave these past few weeks, and in particular Rob Walker.

14th July 2017

Several listeners have told us they are having difficulties accessing the S.R.E. Chatroom.  

If the chatroom was at fault, it would be reasonable to expect that nobody would be able to get into it at all.
 However, as other users report no problems getting in, it's difficult to know where to start.  

We are actively trying to find a solution to this problem, but ultimately this may mean us changing to another chatroom platform.

In an article on his blog page, Dave Williams offers this piece of advice to anyone having difficulties getting into chat:
 " Somewhere in the settings for the web browser there is often a tick box that needs a tick 
in it to "activate" or "enable"  Flash as an add on, or plug in. The default setting is usually OFF.  
So if one of these blasted "updates" has un-ticked the box for you - 
then that might be part of your problem."

The XAT chat is a FLASH based platform. So is the WebCam page. 
It's important to keep your Flash add-on  updated.  

We think XAT also sends out cookies to your computer.  It might be worth checking to see if these cookies are being deleted by your browser, antivirus, or house-keeping programs, (for example:  C-Cleaner), because if XAT cannot find them when you visit the chatroom again, that might cause problems.  Many of your computer  settings can be altered without you realising it, as a result of a Windows update.

Remember too that most Apple products, along with many Android devices, and Windows Phones, will not entertain Flash, anyway.
 So if you can't get the chatroom to work on your tablet, smartfone i-phone or whatever, 
that's the reason.


10th July 2017


Please note that with effect from Monday 17th July, some slight changes will be made to the S.R.E. programme schedule.  Revised programme listings can be found on the schedule page on this website which will be fully updated over the coming weekend. 
7th July 2017

S.R.E News page launched.  In order to keep you up-to-date with matters directly concerning Swinging Radio England, we introduce this page. The format will resemble a diary of sorts, with the newest entries at the top.

We hope you find this feature useful.